World Builder: Plantation Depth?

I’m really confused about what the depth property on a plantation does. It appears to affect how far into the ground a plantation goes - but how it does that isn’t clear.

Values appear to oscillate:

  • a low depth, and all my trees’ leaves are flush with the ground
  • a medium depth, and my trees trunks are exposed
  • a high depth, and the leaves are flush with the ground again
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The depth is only supposed to control how deep the ground directly beneath the tree needs to be for the tree to be allowed to be generated. So a depth of 2 would mean the ground needs to be atleast 2 deep or the tree won’t generate… it shouldn’t effect how high above the ground the tree generates, if it is we have an issue.


However, tree rendering is really inconsistent on my box in general (trunks aren’t rendered sometimes, but reopen the preview window and they do - also trees sometimes get sheared along chunk boundaries).

I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m doing this on a crufty old i5 - it’s hittng the 0.1sec time budget for child processes (per chunk?) very frequently