World builder prefab creator


is it normal that if you place a block in the prefab maker you get put back to where you started and are unable to move

Nope, that’s definitely a bug

anny way to fix it or do you need more information

I think it’s been reported recently, so it will probably not be long before it gets fixed. Obviously, the world builder does not get as much attention as the game itself.


It depends on how you’re creating the prefab and loading it… Just creating an instance and trying to load it seems to result in the issue you are having.

One way to create them successfully is to …
Click File → New → World

Scroll down to the Instance Nodes section and click “Custom Prefab” - this will add it to the main window

Click “+ prefab” to create a prefab within the instance, then “Launch Client” to start working on your prefab


thanks for the explanation