World Disconnect After Meteor Completion Norkyna

Just had a group hunting. Every meteor either completed or near completion we would get disconnected. When we returned meteor was burned out and no loot box inside. Everyone was experiencing this.


During meteor hunts the loot box is invisible, and still get loot, but connection is horrible, I went on hunt last night and kept getting booted to.

We werent getting any loot. Just figured we would report it.

Yep disconnection for us all and then no loot from the meteor.

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Oh my… not good… hope the Developers find and eliminate this issue ASAP


Can see that world went down twice a couple hours ago, its a somewhat rare occurence where the lighting simulation on the server is failing to keep up with block changes and after a while it forces the server to go down to allow it time to recover properly, its on the list of things to improve…

When a server goes down the state of things like creatures/meteorites/warps(not portals) is dropped and any meteorites will be reverted to the “long since dead” state where there is no loot box.