World full. This becomes annoying to fast

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“Lines.” The word is “lines!”



in some parts of the world they call lines queues :smiley:


But yes, Lamblis being full all day is quite annoying. I had to go the “long way” around just to get to the tier 5-6 worlds this afternoon.


Lucky you. I have a possible choice of Aqua Hub or Lamblis if I want to get out of my planet :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess what? Queues.


i live on Beckon, so Portal Seekers is generally my way around, however i noticed that the Ultima hub has a direct portal to most of the planets, so they may be getting my “footfall”. At least until Lamblis quits being so popular…


I’ll tell you what’s annoying, I can’t even go to lamblis ever… and I have 1gb/down, 1gb/up fiber internet. The lag is horrendous. A couple of times I was stuck in the main portal hub area for like 15 minutes just trying to get into a portal to go home, but kept rubber banding all over the place. Extremely angering.


I don’t find it “extremely angering” (I’ll save that for stuff happening in rl) but it is quite frustrating…hope they’ll fix it soon, as stated.


Finata was also “world full” with 50-ish players on it just now O.o


I know I’m in the minority, but I’m happy the game is so popular that the worlds are filling up. At this very moment is the busiest I’ve ever seen the game so far. :slight_smile:

I had to wait upwards of a minute or two to get to some planets… but c’mon, a minute or two is nothing.


Unless you are running from a cuttle and then it is bad


OK now Finata is “full” with 45 people…planet bugged?


I recall reading someone else saying that open portals count so perhaps people are in other places/sanctum peeking in?


The developers have reduced the player count for this weekend to try and implement a lag fix and encourage players onto the higher tiers.


If that’s true it doesn’t help when some people have bases on low tier worlds and can’t get home.


It’s just a temporary thing to fix a long term issue which should make the servers less glitchy


Given you have a super connection I’d be interested to see a screen shot of the Latency Graph and Frame time Graph, both accessible via the Debugging menu.

Could you grab a screenshot when you experience the rubber banding.

You could Warp directly home, or find another route.


And beaucoup routes there are! Thanks to the PS guys and Ultima guys. I wanted to go to tier 6 but had to skip around lamblis(cant ever get in there anymore. What is on that planet?!) then omw back to beckon, biitula was full! :joy: had to find a way around that problem before I lagged my head off, ended up warping home from kada 1 for 340coin.


Can we though? I don’t know if that’s due to blinksecs, full worlds or just a bug.


When I get home I’ll get a screenshot for you.


You always one step ahead. :slight_smile:
The planning for all stuff and the main plan for the game looks very solid.

Good work as always.