World full. This becomes annoying to fast

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Hi guys,

It seems that the first “M” from MMO game, kinda disappeared. :smiley:


Odd that it’s showing as full with only 74 players on there - it should allow 100


Didn’t the devs mention something recently about an active portal requiring a connection to the world? So maybe 74 players on the world, and 26 AFK staring through a portal in a hub/Sanctum?


the limit of players is per server. and 74 are on lambris

hmmm, that’s my Home planet ^^ … seems that I need to make use of my resistances and move to Alcyon :stuck_out_tongue: … I wonder how long it takes to get a tier 6 world so crowded ^^

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that’s not the solution actually :stuck_out_tongue:
the solution is for the servers to be more powerful


sure … But I thought about having a home there even before this problems. I just love the strange “standing mountains” :wink: … And nope, of cause I will not move our Hub from Lamblis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it is because of your internet connection

nope, there you get other informations (don’t know the name of it, but I allready had such). World full is a message by the server that sais the world is full, finito ^^

I do not think so, the planets are crowded, this is the first weekend after the full launch and a lot of people are playing.

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Reached the new peak of 780 atm, may be it rises even more over the US evening :wink:

is that steam players?

if yes then it is higher with PS4


japp, sorry, only steam that I can see of cause

Hey at least the game seems to be off to a good start, but the developers might have a new priority.

I know I am not going to be happy if I cannot get to the builds I am helping with or especially back to my own home world.


japp. This will especially hit all the worlds with big cities, which is kinda unlucky cuz they encourage the gamers to “join together to build a big town or city”. Feels like shooting into the own foot ^^

Cephonex is another Lamblis

Got that tonight on Lamblis (my base) and Sochaltin (the alt’s base I was going to head for (for storage) instead). Irritating, hope this can be upped as to suddenly not be able to go “home” is a pretty big dent in play experience.


Players get priority returning to their home world.


I can’t get on my home world though

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There were queues at portals often tonight. Fingers crossed the fix is soon.