World Interactive Animations

I’ve had Oort online two days now and am already flooding with ideas. I have some race ideas, but before they are drawn up and ready, I have some references I sketched up and thought they would be a cool thing to stick onto the character animations board as characters are developed.

My main thing with a character in a world, is the animation that portrays how that character interacts with the world it’s in. For instance, when their feet settle at two different levels so they look like they are standing solidly on the slanted ground, rather than having one foot kind of floating on an invisible ground. Or when a character’s animation goes into a kind of ‘wobble’ mode when you fall from a jump or hill to show their resisting the fall damage, compensating their downward velocity by bending their knees and letting their arms fall/swing in their bounce.

To even further refine that animation interaction, I have these.

The first is an example of when a character is sliding down a slant of ice. At first the animation is not as powerful, but as you pick up speed, your character ducks and reaches for the ground behind himself even further until he uses his hand to keep his balance and kind of control his speed.

The second example is walking along a cliff face or a wall. When the character is ‘pressing’ themselves against a wall, they then become harder to see by enemies and NPCs, letting people use strategy to an even fuller manner. The same concept could apple for a character ducking behind leaves or bushes.

I hope this idea benefits Oort and it’s developers! See you guys serverside!


This is again something that is probably going to be post 1.0 if it happens but the idea is very cool :smiley:

Yeah, typically the idea behind what ever I submit is based on what the game will be and not limiting how far ahead I look when ideas come up.

Thanks for the like!