World Map, location names and beacons

Hey guys!
I just explored a couple of worlds and was impressed with how different they are. The only thing they all seem to lack is a viewable map and memorable location names.

So here’s what came to my mind. We already have the Beacon system in place, with each Beacon currently being named “%username%'s beacon”. As we already know Beacons will be player-made in near future, so:

Maybe it’d be a good idea to make the Beacon name changeable? For example, if I craft a Beacon myself, I can keep it named “Lilem’s Beacon”, or I can choose a name more fitting for the specific location where I’m going to place it, like “Storm Peak”, “Ironbark Forest”, or even more prosaic names like “%Guildname% HQ”, “Southern Watchtower”, etc.

I understand that this is a pure flavor feature, but I’m interested to hear what do you guys think about it! Maybe @ben and @james can offer a thought on this topic from a dev point of view?



Larger beacons can be city names.

That would be nice. Like you could name it a landmark name so people will call that town by name and locate it on the map.

Also…I think beacon walls needs to be more transparent like I feel it breaks immersion when you see giant pillars of a players land. I think it should only be viewable when building so you don’t build on other peoples land.

@Havok40k This is exactly what I was thinking about.

@Hyllfyr Yeah, the idea of actual names of locations being given by people who live in this world actually seems logical (this way, each world will start as “blank” with no names at all, and will gradually grow into something explored and named), and this also works towards immersion.
As for the beacon animation, I believe the devs said that it’s a placeholder and is being worked on. You can also turn the beacon animation off in the options.

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Great minds think alike. :smile:


Oh my, this is actually very well-thought! I wonder what the devs can say on this topic :slight_smile:

Like this idea. Should be painless to do as well. It’s on the todo list. :smiley:


If there is a larger worldmap type feature then beacons could be visible on it

Well, now we know!

The mini-map in the game at the moment is an early first version. We’ve lots of additional features planned. There have already been quite a few posts filled with ideas.


Thank you! If any new on this particular topic appear, don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:

Shadowdale … Myth Drannor … Memories are coming back … :heart_eyes:

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Silverymoon and Waterdeep are still my favorites :stuck_out_tongue:

Just had a visit to Waterdeep in my last adventure :smiley:

the idea are good but i think u should see both as example:

First line (From the Owner Created Name): %Guildname% HQ , or something other ^^
Second Line (Beacon Owner): %Player Name%

Burn It - Guild Hall

So u can see who is owner and can ask him if u can build in this area



Like that?

I think player name should be small and greed a little for effect.

What if I don’t want my name to be visible on the beacon? Maybe I’d like to be a grey cardinal (kinda) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if somebody is world master and they have option to turn it off.

Yes player name should be smaller like the name of the beacon

the owner off the beacon should have a option to say if he want that the beacon owner is visible or not

Yeah, so if you’re not a world master you have no choice but to have your name to be displayed on your beacons? Not cool.

This is what I’m talking about.