World tax from sales on sovereign should go to sovereign owner

“If all the other MMOs go P2W, will you follow them?”

ESO doing it isn’t a defense. If it was, you should be using much more aggressive games to justify your minor P2W.

Boundless is the only multiplayer game I have played. My partner plays ESO and that’s the reason I know of the benefits. I’m also not required to justify a comparison. P2W argument is thrown around alot now a days it seems. Hope some enjoyed my suggestion. I’m done arguing and debating about this and muting my own topic.

Have a good day all.

Can you name one business model for a “free to play” MMO (no 100% forced subscription) that cannot be used as a P2W? I know I cannot. Destiny 2, Fallout 76, WoW, Runescape, EVE Online, ESO, Warframe, etc. All of them have unavoidable P2W mechanics.

MMOs take a lot of time and upkeep to keep players interested and the money it takes for upkeep on the servers. The reality is that people that pay money for MMOs get benefits that give them advantages over players that do not. A 100% subscription based MMO business model just does not work anymore and that is the only one that is not P2W. Everyone pays, so everyone is even and fair, but a 100% subscription model leads to lower player numbers nowadays because of all of the free to play MMOs.

Free to play MMO subscription models allow people who can pay to support the game and cover the costs of people that cannot. Even FFXIV, which is a hardcore subscription required MMO still has P2W mechanics because you can pay to “boost” your character to save countless hours leveling up other characters.

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Sure, and both Gleam Club and buying plots are P2W in Boundless, but they aren’t strong P2W. Boundless has very light, very ethical P2W mechanics. This idea, of removing taxing, is heavy and overt P2W that affects many players in big ways compared to other things already in the game.

I think my side of the discussion with Ratchel seemed repetitive and aggressive because he was entirely ignoring the points I tried to make. I should have just backed off when I realized he wasn’t interested in discussing counterarguments.

I would say the Tax Rate is not strong P2W either. As long as you introduce a massive coin sink for hardcore players. Boundless is a PVE game and as such, as long as any P2W mechanics do not actually harm the ability of not paying members ability to play the game, it is not “bad” P2W. If you make it easier for players who pay money to make more in game currency, you just need a way to balance it to with a large coin sink so the economy does not shift and therefore affect non-paying members.

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Can @majorvex shut this down when it becomes a firestorm? i see it becoming it in the foreseeable future.

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I think its irrelevant to compare to other games, because Boundless isn’t other games.

Benefits beyond cosmetics in exchange for money becomes unfair on people who can’t justify spending extra money on games just to ‘stay on par with others’. Which is an even bigger kick in the teeth during this 2020 we’re having.

The Tax Epic is different because its available to everyone.

I feel strongly against p2w as you can tell :smile:

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This conversation needs to happen. It keeps popping up every couple of days and continuously putting a stop to it is not healthy to the community (and screams censorship). It is just going to make it keep coming back even worse and drive players away if some healthy discussion does not happen and players do not get to voice their opinions. Just start flagging anyone that starts to become uncivil.