World tax from sales on sovereign should go to sovereign owner

With ownership of world’s are now available and people can open shops on the sovereigns owned by other players. I feel the tax from sales should go to the owner of the sovereign.

This could appear above the footfall section of a beacon. Also the owner should not have to pay any sales tax on own planet.


Don’t want to rule it out already, but the point of tax in online games is to remove money from the economy to counter inflation. Giving tax to a player doesn’t remove it from the economy anymore und thus defeating the point.

It would only work with a secondary tax on top of the already existing one. But who would want to pay double tax on a sovereign, when you can go without it on a known world.


I do see the point of removing coin from the game. Though it would be exclusive to sovereigns. We have coin sinks in warps to exos which can be pricey and warps to sovereigns. The rest of the public planets would still be have to use the sales tax rule. Though I recommend this because the sovereign is owned by an actually person so it is their world, so feel should receive world tax. This would be a small tribute to them for paying for the world.


Welp, I guess dkmall and Gyosha mall are moving to sovereigns now…


If willing to uproot an entire infrastructure of mall, do it up. I believe items aren’t taxed until priced above 13c? Then also have to take account world size. Mall planet with 10 person limit or 40? Would that be worth it?

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what you do with the old ? make a second or did you remove the old ?

I’m not really moving haha

I just imagine all the plotted dormant stores floating in the air :yum:


that wouldn’t be the first time I see something like that :joy:


Gyosha Mall has no plans to move to a Sovereign Planet.


Aside from the obvious P2W advantage, it’s a lot easier to find things on BUTT when they are on the 50 public worlds (and BUTT currently works a lot better for the 50 public worlds), so I don’t think we should particularly incentivize sov. malls / shops.

Someone setting shop on a sov. is already taking a (small) risk that their build will be reclaimed and that their shop is harder to find, so if anything the tax should go to the shop owner. A shop owner on a sov is doing the sov owner a favor by bringing people to their planet.

Similar logic is why (in my opinion) DK pays people 25k to join his mall. People joining his mall is good for him (and the broader community) too and he recognizes that.

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BUTT works fine with sovereigns. I have a shop on a sovereign and it shows up.

Don’t build on someone’s planet you don’t trust.

Don’t see the P2W aspect. It’s no different then GC being able to do unlimited tints and modification to characters. This would be a benefit under sovereign purchase.

Changing color doesn’t provide any in-game advantage.

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Makes Bob look cool.


This would be mad P2W. Basically giving Sovereign owners more coin than non owners. Cool idea in a theoretical/making sense way tho


Nope :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would love to see this, but…

It could not exist in the current game economy. Tax rates are definetely a way to suck coins out of the economy and giving the players a way to reclaim that would require another coin sink to exist (or coins to be removed from level up, which would be even worse).

I think the best coin sink, which can also double as a way to counter act the P2W behind it, is to allow Sovereign worlds to be fueled via coins. And by coins, I mean A LOT OF COINS. Like 10k/day or something for just a 3km world. It is a similar idea to how other games that let you buy premium memberships with in game currency, you can either spend all month farming to pay for the game (which adds a ton of value to the game universe and economy and makes the game healther) or you can pay real world money to help fund the game.

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I don’t feel it would be much different then the tax epic. This would just be on another level of that. Alot of games have added benefits for purchasing their membership packages and I don’t feel this would be any different that what they offer.

Sure, but imagine if you had to pay $10/mo for the tax epic? How is that different from paying $10/mo for the damage epic, and how is any of that not paying real money to gain advantage in the game?


The way I look at it is you being the owner of the planet then you are basically the king/queen. The world tax going to that owner would be a benefit for paying that additional money month to month for a planet the community enjoys visiting and farming.

This would be an additional incentive for that person to maintain that planet. Also in most likely common cases it wouldn’t be a massive amount of coin. You would most likely get more from footfall.

On that note I also feel the owner should get great city level footfall even if nothing is built on the planet. Though thats just my view.

I look at world tax going to the owner as a similar benefit for subbing to ESO membership. For paying the membership fee you receive xp boast, yearly allowance of crowns and a second bag to carry materials you forage.

Providing world tax to the owner of the sovereign to me seems alot less of an impact then benefits such as those.