World two: Turuncu

whole world:


Your thoughts? Would you like to play on it?

ps: Much water for @Mittekemuis and her ships :stuck_out_tongue:
Turuncu -Predatoxic.js (97.3 KB)


Looks like a sweet golf course. :sunglasses:

Wait is that like a bunch of subterranean caverns there?! So cool if it is!


thats great!

Wow, the caves (I hope that they are caves too ^^) are looking great! I just wonder on which way you will have natural light down there. Is it posible to add gleam or something similar to the ceiling of each cave by the editor? If yes it would be real neat to go down there and build an underdark empire … devs? … Take this world and throw it into our game! ^^

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I’lI do some more work on the caves tomorrow (more light and plants) and then see if the world can make it in the game :smiley:

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Hmm that brings me to the idea of glowing plants … May be nice if something like that could make it into the game… Like glowing mushrooms or bushes :wink:

I already suggested it in the bioluminescence topic and it’s suggested in the flora and fauna post :smiley: They have to make glowing plants/flora :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d really like to see how this works out in game! Devs pls?

You are making this in to a builders paradise :heart_eyes:

that’s why I made it :smiley:

@Predatoxic Can you throw the world file into your post so I can look at it?

I added the world to the post @ben :smiley:

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Does anyone still have this world? I’d like to modify it a bit ^^

omg those caves cant download it thoe

@james and @ben is there a way to fix the download link?

No, Ben and James never owned this file, so they can’t fix the link. @Predatoxic owned the file, but has lost it.

well there is hope @ben still has it ^^
but tbh I don’t really like that world anymore and I’m currently working on something way cooler :slight_smile:

I liked dat Caves thoe

they are just worley 3d noises with high cave threshold :stuck_out_tongue: underground foliage isn’t possible anymore though :c (at least it wasn’t when I last checked)