World type question - what's the point of coal and metal worlds?

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Ok looking for some guidance here and hoping someone can help. I’ve bought a number of sovereign worlds and in the mix have been coal and metal worlds - none of the coal or metal worlds I have kept which is a pity, but my reason is as follows.

My understanding was that coal and metal worlds give more of those resources, but I have not found this.

The resources seem to be dependent on the terrain you select, so if you select a shock world and have lots of low lying terrain then the Topaz and sapphires are going to be around 0.2% or less. Silver could be 9-10%, low % of Large Fossil, Hard Coal and Titanium.

I get all of this, but this means its possible to design say a Blast world with Diamonds and high % of coal and metals if you choose the terrain.

So what is the point of having Coal and Metal worlds when you can get both Coal and Metal on worlds with gems, with %'s just as high if not higher than Coal and Metal worlds? and you get both Coal & Metal (all types). Am I missing something?

lower tier, so more freedom on choosing your hammer to use, more ‘newbie friendly’ as you need less protection/skills ect.

Tbh the sov worlds messed with resource gains. Almost everything is easier to get now with sov worlds.

Yeah, for Hard Coal, for example, Hyrule (a Blast sovereign I have) is as good as anything I’ve seen in the Diamond spots, pretty good on Gold too, and for Silver, my Corrosives are great in the Amethyst spots. Ruby hotspots on Burns good for metal as well.

Perhaps devs could consider - for T5 and T6 Metal and Coal, maybe let those have kindling, though with a long regen time. Doesn’t seem like we’re getting nearly enough from exos for what people need? Would hurt the market on it of course and it does make the exos special, but might be worth considering? Give the high level Coal and Metal more a purpose, the lower level ones have more point for lower level players as pointed out.

It matters more for low level characters when starting out, like below level 20, trying to find gold and silver to make machines.
There is no gold or silver on level 1 or 2 worlds.
There also is no gold or silver on a lush level 3 world.
You need to go to a metal level 3 world to find gold and silver.
This doesn’t matter as much once there are portal networks and stores where you can just buy everything, but in the beginning it made a difference.

I am just talking from experience. You will get more hard coal on a t6 coal world than a blast. The downside is you will not get diamonds etc during the mining session.

So if you are focusing on coal, a coal world will be faster for this.

For the metal worlds, it seems all others elemental world are better overall. I have seen chill world with way better silver density than metal world etc.

Maybe density should be a bit on the higher for them so it worth using them.

On the other hand, these worlds are used for special resources on exoworlds line others said above.


@james any plans to tweak higher tier coal and metal world to make them more attractive?

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From digging around the world builder it looks like the world types filters the type of biomes you get and the color set for the world and the settings for the surface and core liquids when you pick the default option biomes option. When you pick custom biomes i think that throws a wrench into the whole system and were seeing the top and bottom of just bad biome choices.

I think though atmosphere has some effect on the percentages of the stuff that spawns but i haven’t spun enough planets up yet to confirm.

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