Worldbuilder bug and some questions


If i forget to start the server before i open the client in worldbuilder, i get a window that say no server running and two button, retry and quit to desktop…
If i hit quit to desktop nothing happens, i have to force close the client.

I noticed that there are some things missing (It was a long time since i played with wb.). Maybe it is why my old saves crash the wb? Thinking of mix filter and replace block in strata nodes. Have they been removed?


To clarify, is the popup just remaining on screen when you tried to select the option?

Are you able to provide screenshots in order to illustrate this further?


Yes, can not close this window.


About the mix-filter i probably wrong, I have looked in old json-files, but can not find it.

But here is a picture from an older standard strata, with the replace function i cant find.


Somewhere between version 8 and 13 my older saves stop working.

I recreated a new one from the data in an old json-file, and tried to compered the new and old, it looks like it is more information in the new one, but not sure what it is.


Thanks for the confirmation, I’ve added a bug about the ‘Quit to desktop’ function not working.

As for the Replace Type option, I’m not entirely sure.

@lucadeltodecso, do you know where it is?