Worldbuilder COMPETITION #1! [Win an Humble Bundle!]

#Hey Guys!

###Well, I just edited my Canyons and thought that I want to see more activity in World building! For that reason I decide to make an Competition for you guys to give you an reason to try building an World! Also I do want to do that more often if you like it. So please, join it. :smile:

##If you’re not going to be an part of the Competition please still read the “Rating System” part!

#It’s over!

##It’s finally over and the Voting is going on! Klick here.

Okay, Guys, heres the first Competition!
I will give you an Theme for an World, and you will try to make the most Awesome World you can do!

For everyone who does not know how the Worldbuilder Works is here the Tutorial by @Squidgy:

I’ve learned to build this World in 2 Days, it’s not that hard to make something awesome in short time! :wink:

If you want to join, all you have to do, is to comment here that you’re in and make an Thread with your finnished World in Time. Then post the link in here, so that it is easy to find.

The first Theme is an easy one to give even new ones an chance to win. The second (if there will be an Second Competition) will be harder. :smile:

I’m also going to take part in this Competition, but I wont be abel to win it. The price is coming from me, so that would not make any sense. ^^

##The Theme is “Flat Hills”.

You have time until Friday, every Thread that gets written after Friday is disqualified.

##Competitors Worlds, rate for them!

Opulus - Falahi
Predatoxic - Montibus
Thorbjorn42gbf - Teik
Bootlegger - Rheticus
Karko - Karko’s Competition World 1
Kerpie - Dyspin

##The Rules:

Well every Competition need rules, right? :wink:

  1. The Worlds have to be finnished until Friday. ( 3. April 2015 )
  2. The World has to cover the Theme, other Worlds are disqualified.
  3. Only Worlds created during the Competition are allowed.
  4. And World needs at least 2 Biomes.

Uhm… I think thats all.
As Competitor you’ll get informed privately if somthing get’s changed.

##Rating System:

The rating System is simple, the World with the most likes, will win! You post your World into the Forum and see how many you’ll get.

You are allowed to tell in your Thread that your World is for this competition. I please everyone who’s not creating an World to help the Competitors by giving likes to the Worlds of who you think made the best.
Sure everyone is allowed to give as many Worlds an like as they want!

Important: The Rating goes until Sunday eve!
That’ll give people who submitt their work on the last day an chance to get some likes before it’s done!


The Price of the first competition is the current Humble Bundle, including the Games: Tetrobot and Co., Titan Attacks!, The Inner World (Awesome Adventure game :3) and VVVVVV!

I hope everything is clear, if you have questions please ask me in the Comment Section and I’ll try to answer. It’s the first Competition, maybe I’ve missed something, or there are open Questions? ^^


Sounds good to me! If I have time, I’ll make an entry :wink:

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well thats kinda unfair.

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I just added this. I knew I forgott one importand thing ^^
But is there anything else unfair in it? Or did you mean @Squidgy taking part in it because everyone does learn from him? :smiley:

Don’t worry, if @Karko enters, I’m pretty sure he might win :stuck_out_tongue:
I learnt some stuff from him.

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Cool idea. If you want to collaborate or remix, I’ve set it up so the forum should allow you to upload / drag and drop in world builder files into posts.


I come back to it, I would like to see the first worlds. Maybe I’ll get an Idea later ^^

I’ll definitely gonna participate :slight_smile: Gonna begin as soon as I come home :wink:

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I would love to participate however, I’m pretty much booked for the weekend. I look forward to seeing the results.


I made a (pretty cool) biome but I don’t know if it would count as flat hills ^^

I was doing a pretty cool biome and then i remembered that mac cannot open worldbuilder files.

Mac OS X does support the World Builder. What issue are you hitting?

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Opening the save when i need it again.

When i try it ends up looking this way:

I think i reported it somewhere…

And if you create a new simple world, save it, then reopen it? Does it always happen?

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Yup, without exception the same thing happens when you save.

Hmmmm… I’ve always used it on Mac. Never had any issues. That’s strange!

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Now that is strange, O_o

If you start the builder from the terminal / console window - is there any output?

Try something like:

Library/Application\ Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Oort\ Online/mave/mave
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I can open it normally that way, the loading is still broke though.

i’m nearly done already :slight_smile: I’m pretty excited to see the other inputs :wink: