It seems to be world builder specific - we saw this for Kovah as well, but it didn’t translate to the final world

Hmm yes.

So it’s an issue that appears on Windows, but not when we generate the worlds on Linux. Might be a compiler issue. Or more likely an issue triggered by different code / memory layout and something is being used without initialisation. Guessing here.

It’s a strange one. Guess @lucadeltodecso will need to dust off a Windows machine and start debugging.

OS X as well, if that helps narrow

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Thanks. That is helpful.

Totally not an issue if it’s a WB only artifact and it’s not something the generator spits out. That means (I’m guessing) that when we play test them locally (and the Generator is running locally) we may see these artifacts. If you guys wanted to throw me the new WorldBuilder bits (with the included local Generator) I can test it locally.

I know… worth a try though. :smile:

I case you didn’t realize, I’m almost beside myself with anticipation about the upcoming update. :sweat_smile:


The World Builder application runs the Generator to create the previews. So it is a Generator issue. But it appears to only happen on Win (+ OSX) but not Linux. When you visualise the Generator -> World Builder -> Game Engine path in the next update - I’m guessing the same artefacts will exist.

The update is coming soon. Days not weeks. :wink:


Huzzah! :smiley:

@james interestingly, I just recently bumped up the specs of my machine (i7 6700k from i5 2600k, 32gb from 8gb ram), and I see this occurring less frequently. The way it’s rendering makes it look like you’re dropping entire chunks on the floor (but only the plantation blocks in a chunk)

Err, ok. Thanks. Not really sure what that means.

We need to debug it and find out the root cause.