So I’ve been messing around in worldbuilder for the last few days, and I have some comments to make about it.

  • I really like how complex it is, but at the same time it kinda daunts me. Not complaining, just too many choices makes me sad. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Is there any way to make rivers? I’ve been messing around and haven’t found anything like that
  • How do I make lakes work. I added a lakes node and have tried pretty much every combination of settings and 3D noise nodes I could think of, but nothing happened.

I’ll probably post some pictures once I get each biome done

A picture of the cave generation (and a glimpse of the ripple mountains biome):

done 3 biomes, not sure if I want to tweak anything

Arrath…js (26.9 KB)


Deppending on wich System, you working I might have some answers. Do you work with Windows? If yes, the Lakes do not work at the moment. but I think thats a function that does not work in the current WB version at all ^^

BTW. If you want to see wehat the WB can do, look at tzhe Submissions of the first WBC! (World Builder Competition)

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Added a picture of the world so far :stuck_out_tongue:

looks pretty good, reminds me a bit of eisa without all the mold^^

Oh, you made it? How? Tell me Senpai. Please! :smiley:

The world or the wet bits? Since I couldn’t get the actual lake node to work I just made another biome that naturally went below the waterline in some places :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything else was just me messing with the noise generators, took about 3 hours in total to make this world

I noticed when I was adding trees to my biomes, a lot of the time there are random floating leaves that aren’t connected to any trunk. I don’t have any size noise for the trees, so I don’t think that should be happening.

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That’s a really attractive world! I love it.

Thanks! I was trying to get a sort of river-like thing going, I had to make a separate biome and mess with the altitude map to get snaky bits :stuck_out_tongue:


Youre making me want to go make another world ahaha. So good!

Yeah I really want to make some more worlds, but I’m not sure what I want to do haha


I think I want to make my next one inspired by New Zealand/Lord of The Rings


Oh yeah I did that this way too I thought you made it with the lake noise… thats not Intresting then… ^^

Kind of. You can approximate rivers by using absolute noise. For example:

which generates something like:

However, getting that to translate into the actual world is tricky. You’ve got a couple of options:

as a biome: Create a river biome, map the river noise to your humidity map (or whichever, really), and make that biome spawn only for high humidity. You will also want to set the biome size as low as it can go (8). The trouble with this approach is that biome “cells” can’t get any smaller than that - so you’re stuck making giant rivers when you go this route.

via the heightmap: Take the same noise, invert it (sum, multiplier of -1) and multiply it against your heightmap (product). The trouble with this approach is that you have to apply the rivers to each of your biome’s heightmaps (and rivers won’t blend across biomes very well)

It’ll be better once we’ve got legit support for 'em :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I couldn’t get lakes to work at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Continuing the discussion from Worldbuilder:

That’s a pretty good idea, I need to try that out

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I got the lakes working from time to time but they seem to be insanely rare no matter how high you set the spawn rate.


When I add a “Plantation” to a biome, sometimes I get a grid-looking distribution pattern:

Does anyone know if this is a function of the distribution noise function (it doesn’t look like it) or is this a visualtion artifact (bug)?

@james or @ben or @lucadeltodecso

Can you share a screen shot of the noise function?

Also, share a minimum version of the world config so that I can try it locally?

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The noise is the default Simplex 3D noise which I realize I may need to tweak :).

However, when I disconnect the noise altogether I get the same grid-like rendering:

Here’s the Gist of the test world:


Hmm, looks like a bug. We’ll take a look and see if we can sneak a fix into the coming release.


Thanks man!