Worlds of the oort

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The two oortians escaped from a dying world, landing on a strange yet harsh lush world. This world was covered with plants and was covered with strange creatures. They called this world :oort_m: :oort_e: :oort_o: :oort_u: :oort_k: :oort_o: :oort_r: or meoukor, meaning homeworld in oort. This world is what people today might call “biitula-like”, having a similar color pallet and being pummeled with meteorite impacts. This planet and several others orbited around a bright white-blue star, which the newly-landed oortians called Oorterru, or :oort_o: :oort_o: :oort_r: :oort_t: :oort_e: :oort_r: :oort_r: :oort_u:

They eventually settled there and had children, but all good things have to change. The children moved out to other worlds, while still using the same technologies of the ancient oort. The original founders were to eventually age, and die. The oort named their worlds with strange names that may seem exotic to you. The oort had their homes set in stone, but since nothing lasts forever the small cottage eventually developed into the first oortian new-world city. Some city members moved out and created small “country” cities on the small world, in direct rebellion to the original city. From that point, the worlds became overcrowded and overpopulated, eventually leading to the demise of almost every civilization on the worlds of the new system. The remaining civilization developed a rich cultural history of what we now identify as the oortian civilization. The oortian civilization had the same name as the race.

As the worlds got crowded everyone knew something had to be done. The ruling class was incompetent and more interested in wealth and luxury rather than caring for the peoples. This ruling class was overthrown with the rallying cry being, “Let the People Rule” and anarchy ensued for blinkyears without a government.