World's renewal: first step - erosion of structures

Hello everyone!

Today I want to represent you idea about world’s renewing. It touch theme of degeneration players ugly buildings like one-block-columns. Imagine what we take something like stability factor for every block in world. It’s like block feels nearest blocks and could know, what is around. If block lean on surface or is a part of solid building it will stable. On the other hand if block suspend in empty space or is a part of flimsy structure it will be destroyed.

Please, now lookin my table sheet. Unluckily, it’s not finished. I hardly worked three weeks on it and now have not more enough time and inbreathe for make it done.

Well, how it works?
First of all, you can see cutsets of 3D-area with construction inside it.
Every position around each block has weight coefficients (AU35:BE37). So bottom blocks has more influence on stability than upper. In my original table all weight coeffs normalized to one hundred, but it’s not obligatory. If Σ(weight-coeff * block-existence) less than limit amount (AZ41), block will be destroyed. Limit amount play a role of minimal spatial angle, vertex of which can resist from bluntness.
You can see a bridge I made. It’s enough stable, but lesser buildings can has weak point, which will broke. If it happen, nearest blocks will weakened and can break too. This process has avalanche-like nature and can raze all construction to ground.

You saw itaration model with too steps. I tryed to get analytical solution, but it very hard without programming loops. Please, watch and experiment with it. I know, it’s too much difficult for online game, but I dream my efforts wasn’t spended vainly.

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Last time I saw this issue discussed. I believe the plan was, any thing with out a beacon slowly degrades back to the original state.