Worlds which more like a planets

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It’s a very strong thought. And how we can strain “normal world” with two polars onto flat squared map? Here is the answer for this uncommon question:

So, North pole is the (0, 0), and South pole is the (2304, 2304).

Dear @luke-turbulenz, what are @Wonderstruck can say about? Is it may be real in future?

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That’s… pretty bizzare. Following a compass direction (North, North-east etc) would mean you had to keep changing direction instead of going in a straight line ;p


Welcome to the Antarctic! :sweat_smile:
Really it will works in specific places (on polars and in Bermudian point on equator, where (0, 2304) or (2304, 0) or on a very long distances. On a very long distances you has no straight way in any case.


Though at least in the real world there aren’t nice clean obvious grid lines to follow (blocks) ;p

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I feel creating actual poles would be unnecessary. Not only it is immense amounts of planetary data that have to be made, it would just overly complicate things. Without making the worlds actual 3D spheres with 3D physics, it would be very very complicated to program in 3D physical concepts into a 2D system. It’s one thing to draw it, it’s another to actually device the equations for it.

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