Worlds with same mods connected?


I just informed a friend who is a fan of MC with mods about Oort and he had a question I would like to be able to answer:

If you rent more then one server/world and add the same mods to those can those be connected as an own “little universe” like the main game?

Would be cool if there is an idea about that :wink: @ben @James ?


Would be clever, it was asked before what people would do when worlds only had one tier, this might be a solution.

how about allowing people to either rent 1 server or an entire ‘‘universe’’ with 1 world of each tier, would that be too overkill?

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Or at least give a “bonus” for renting more then one world (for example: Rent 3 and get a 4th or fifth for free, if those are connected :wink: