Would an auto-walk mod be possible?

I’m sure it’s nothing for a keyboard with mod buttons, where you can hit a button that registers as the W key being held down, but I don’t have one of those keyboards. Would be sweet if we could assign a button that would “toggle walk”…

I’ve been playing some ESO lately and I’ll be damned if I don’t log into Boundless and the first thing I do is look down the long road I logged out on and hit that auto-walk button :sweat_smile: Kinda the perfect game for it since we can build our own roads as straight as we like.

I’d assign it to a side mouse button so I can get from place to place one-handed. I’m a busy guy after all haha- gotta fire off some texts and look things up while I’m on the move!


Let’s not get more lazy…


Well technically, it’s so I can be less lazy irl. I need to take my hands off the keyboard and mouse to do laundry while my character just stands there. This would ease my mind of its pain, having to watch nothing happening on the screen while I chore or no choring being completed while I travel on foot :laughing:


You might end up drowning if your character just keep walking :sweat_smile:

But I do agree, like some games you just push forward once and you keep moving and only need to move left and right.


Yeah I play a game where double clicking walks you to the spot you clicked on. It’s pretty convenient.

That game also has auto/continuous walk - if I get distracted on a long walk it usually gets me into trouble :rofl:


Oh man that would make building nice :joy: just have it auto walk as I hold button to place blocks and play on my phone so I don’t feel like I am going crazy :joy:


You can make a script with autohotkey (ahk) application. You can assign any button to anything without a macro keyboard.

So in your case side mouse button to do “w” until you repress it etc…


Thanks! That’ll be perfect

dose this work on PS4 :joy:

sadly not, AHK is application for PC that running on top of game forcing it to make macroed sequences, Game must must be running and you cant do anything else on that PC