Would like TREE SEEDS with mutate idea


Okay so with all the exoplanets and everything coming I see some trees and some of these worlds that are just amazing and I think to myself I wish I could take some of these home and plant them. Then I thought to myself with system in place that mutates colors why could they not allow you to mutate trees. Let me explain what I mean by that. Imagine if you saw a tree on one planet and then saw a tree on another planet completely different I thought to yourself wouldn’t it be neat if I could take this tree and that tree and you take them together creating seeds that would essentially start a brand new tree species. Furthermore every tree you had would of course have multitudes of seeds over its lifetime. You could build a Grove the same type of tree forever if you want to do. Or you could basically become the mad scientist trying to come up with genetically mutated trees that are just awesome for some reason and then have multitude of seeds forever once you get that mutation if you want. We can have Wood Farms for real. We can create trees that would be 100% unique and of course I imagine the market that would be opened to sell these seeds that you made up. It would almost be like a mini game within the game just like forging is and mutating colors is now.

Of course to prevent people from having zillions of wood all the time the grow times on these trees could be a month before would be mature and harvestable. Perhaps it could be a much shorter . For the mutation of the seeds part… also after the tree is mature you could Harvest it essentially cutting it down for wood or you can just leave it there forever and it would just stay there as a mature tree forever


The way I understand it, “trees” aren’t even a thing in this game engine.

I’d be super happy to grow a trior sized sap farm on t5, though.


This is true. When I asked I was told trees are constructs like hills and lakes. They are not grown. As much as I like the idea of planting trees for landscaping, looks like we have to build them.


Neither was farming or shop stand info when we started playing.

It could be something that they can change…


So here is my view.
I would be ok with this of those trees would be like little apple trees.

I like building trees and its pretty much the only thing im doing in the game atm when im online… due to the fact that i dont rly care about mining etc anymore…
If they would add this and allow trees to be from x planet trees and grow over 200 blocks i would literally stop playing.

This is just my view on things.
Its not something i would like to see in the game.


Since trees are block prefabs / builds how do you feel about the blueprints people ask for, I guess it will be usable for trees too.


Blueprints im ok with… as in my point of view i could make a business out of it.
Wich leads more stuff to do in the game i like.

And this is not something im just saying cause i could make coins…
Everyone has their playstyle… mine is building trees and landscape


If its possible, I really need a tree for farming because i am terrible at building tree XD
Blue print idea works too, so i can buy some tree design on market, or it give me some motive to learn how to build a tree XD


Yeah, I mean, every other game of the voxel-building genre can do it, so why wouldn’t it be possible for Boundless ? It would require some coding, for sure, but last time I heard, trees are prefabs. They’re not made by hand by the devs…

A Blueprint system would fix this.


It would address some things that people want.

It wouldn’t create growable or mutatable trees though. That’s going to require something like giant meshes, I think.

Could still be awesome, and it could make for realistic looking tree types. ‘Realistic’ at least as in, not blocky. I’m not sure how actually earth-like trees would really match in this universe but it could be stuff more like the flowers.

I’ve never played another voxel game. I’m not sure if you mean plantable/growable trees, or blueprints here.


This is one thing why i dont like tree seeds.
" i cannot build trees" . Its just making game easier for people and worse case stopping Socializing with the people who can build trees example… “why bother hiring someone when you can just do it yourself”.

Minor off topic :
People are still figuring out forge cause its complex…if you add seeds for trees… then might aswell do a machine that gives you what you want without that rng ■■■■ for players who dunno how to forge.


uh well, people have different standard of beautiful thing. For me only, a few nice tree design I think its beautiful and may willing to buy the design if there is a blue print system. Most decent tree design to be honest i can build it by myself.

The problem is players who is able to build the level of tree style fit my requirement is not a lot, Hiring them to do it is very difficult. For most of them i don’t even meet them in game yet. This is the reason why i want the tree farm, depends on the RNG system there maybe a chance i can get the tree i like.

I tried to hire people to build tree when i was running the guild, there were some good tree designer i met, they design a nice tree for sure, but not the tree I think i may pay for it.
(For my favorite tree design is something similar to ultima tree hub’s big tree. That one is very beautiful and details. or Ultima guild’s US East hub, there is a good tree design as well. )

Also I always like to social with others in game, but i really don’t like the feeling that I am forcing to social to others. Its the world of internet, sometimes I enjoy social with others, but for some content i want to solo it. I really don’t feel anything wrong about it lol.