Wrong default stone color in CT

My Crafting Table on Houchus shows wrong metamorphic stone color:


I know you have provided the location, but would you also be able to provide a screenshot showing the table as well?

its actually all of them - and all the refineries show wrong refined meta on Houchus; so whichever machine you go to it’s all wrong

just came back to double check - and yes, all tables have something wrong, but this time its sedimentary
(when in queue, color is displayed correctly)

ok, I can see now - my character’s last crafting orders seem to affect the default colors

I crafted all kinds of refined stone on Malurialakrib, and all refined rock recipes in refineries on Houchus show Malurialakrib colors

in tables, only sedimentary stone shows Malurialakrib color and not sure why, as I also crafted all kinds of stones

screenshots showing CT and Refinery

just remembered I didn’t craft any refined sedimentary on Malurialakrib

first I crafted a lot of meta, sedi and igneous in tables
then I also crafted refined meta and igneous there, but I put all sedi stones in storage without refining them

as effect all Malurialakrib default rock colors show in refineries on Houchus (however, only sedimentary in crafting tables)

I reversed the order of actions.

1.I took out ready stones from tables on Houchus.
2. Then I started refining meta and igneous there.
3.I moved to Malurialakrib then and checked tables:

As you can see only the ones I started refining, got affected and carried default colors from Houchus to Malurialakrib.

I checked refineries, but there was no change: they displayed proper colors (maybe refining of rocks on Houchus needs to end first).

Just to confirm, you are getting items in the correct physical colour?

Yes. No problem there.

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Thanks for confirming. Certainly, this is something that can be improved, so I’ve added a note about it to the database.

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