WTB 100+ 3x3 T6 hammers again

As the title suggest: WTB 3x3 T6 hammers in bulk. Speed variety please. I will be using Mega Fast Brews with them so you don’t have to max out the speed.

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I can do them for you! I love making T6

Awesome. So I’m going on vacation starting Tuesday in the morning US EST time. If you can get them done before tomorrow evening then I can pick them all up and pay you for them then. Otherwise I’ll be back a week from Tuesday and would pick them up then! What price is good for you?

How many hours do I have to make them roughly

And 500k for 100 seems reasonable to me

You have about 30 hours to make them if you want me to pick them up and pay you tomorrow :slight_smile: 500K is great. Thanks!

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Easy as soon as they are done I let you know bro

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Awesome! Btw, 99 or 108 or w/e is fine too. However many you want to make is cool. I just need around 100 or more. We’ll just say 5000 per for as many as you want to make since 5000 * 100 is 500,000.

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I’ll get started soon and see how far I get as I have a few other requests but I assume it’s gonna be 108 and at 5k each

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That’s a crazy amount of hammers. Mind if I ask what you’ve been working on? :smiley:

I mine a lot and sell the gems :), I like to have a full shop stand of each type of gem for sale at all times.


Mmm opals :wink:

That’s awesome! Love to see active shops still after all of the turmoil over the past year or two. Hopefully things are only up from here.

@Dhusk if your still around in 1 hour your hammers will be done :slight_smile:

I will be! I’m mining again and I’m almost out of hammers aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Let me know when! :slight_smile: <3

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now :slight_smile: i got 126 hammers a little more than you actually wanted, if you take all that be 630k total :slight_smile:

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Sounds great to me! Where can I meet you?

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im at raxxa just go TNT then raxxa ill be there

omw in 5m.

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Yummy hammers! Thanks @HOST again!

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:slight_smile: your very welcome and thank you too!