WTB 100 3x3 titanium/balanced gem hammers [ Complete]

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Looking to buy the above hammers. 3x3 is pretty much the only required boon but durability is always a plus.

If anyone has time or the stock on hand please reach out

Extra damage?

It comes to about the same cost to make and forge titanium hammers vs gem hammers.

That’s why people usually go for gem hammers once they have access to them

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I just hate using gem hammers on lower tier worlds. If the cost is pretty much the same as far as forging I would take gem instead of titanium.

Also damage isn’t a necessity since they are for use on lower tier planets.

Despite the common “forging costs are the same” mantra, they’re not.

It’s actually slightly harder (i.e. more costly) to achieve the same boon levels on titanium as on a gem.

Balanced gem hammers can be forged to easily single hit hard blocks on T1 with 3x3 boon. Titanium can’t.

That means that if someone doesn’t add damage to the titanium - it will have to hit more. And each hit multiplies your cost. If a tool is 40% cheaper but you have to double hit with it, you’re still paying more to use it than the single-hitting tool.

End of the day, there are plenty of snippets around here showing math but across the entire process it’s typically both cheaper and easier to produce an equal output using forged gem than titanium.


Still on the lookout? If so - what tier.

Yes still looking and tier 4 would be fine.

Are you ok with Topaz? It has higher durability and action speed.

I’d put something like this for 6,000. What is your budget?

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Topaz would be fine and my budget is 600k. Might be able to come up with a bit more

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How would you say to 600k for 12 SS topaz hammers?


Sounds good.


Will get it started :+1:

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Sweet ty vm.

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They are ready. When / where would you like to meet up

I just walked in the door and was going to load up now. I could meet you at gtg hub or tnt hub

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