WTB 10k of night azure metamorphic stones (1c each)


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Not in game right now to check on stock levels, but should have that at Rockin Rocks. Head to Sydney on Lasaina (portals at Boori PS Hub, Hunt Hive & TNT Megahub) and the rock shop is underneath the large dark tower (or there’s a portal directly from Lasaina Portal Seekers hub to Rockin’ Rocks).

The colours are sorted by planet, so you’ll find those stones on the Beckon, Finata, Sochaltin I & Storis II shop stands.


what a great shop, thanks a lot!!


No probs, thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile:


Can you Post Pictures how to get there , that would bei very Kind.


I have a few hundred thousand at my base if anyone needs. I am t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ one of the only player portals (new neighbor! :slight_smile:) from Gyosha Ophin PS hub (N5). I have most set to 10c for reservation purposes but reduced the price on the first 8 stands to 1 ea.


This is VERY good to know! I’ve been needing a good rock shop.


Sure. Go to Boori Portal Seekers Hub, it’s one of their 4 main loop hubs, hope you don’t need a picture for that. North East corner is a portal to Sydney City Market:

Look slightly to your right after entering the portal, you should spot a large dark tower:

Go to the dark tower and head down the ramp and follow the LED path:

You will then arrive at Rockin’ Rocks:

Hope that helps you find it :grin:


Thx will BE online in an hour and visit your Shop and Take a Look​:grin::grin::grin: