WTB 10ss speedy builder hammers

All my usual places have been out for a while so hoping some master forger up for this

sapphire/topaz hammers with:

no quirks!!

please let me know price if interested :+1:

please please do not force me to learn how to forge…

Tbh even with pretty bad luck they’d be easy to make.

I resisted learning to forge for 2yrs, then did in about an hour.

Only thing that’s really sucky is making t6 8+ speed hammers in sapphire, Most other hammers are pretty forgiving…and axes etc too.

Edit: I’d make some but haven’t played in about 9mths due to new job and life blah blah

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well, don’t know about an hour but I might have to give it a go :scream: as no bites yet.

I’m a little nervous that I might enjoy it…
A whole new time sink for me to fall into :sweat_smile:

Are these single shot hammers?

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indeed they are

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I’ve got a few stacks going for you.

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If you are in need of more, I can get you the rest when I am home from work

oh god thank you…really wasn’t looking forward to going DIY :grinning:
give me a poke when ready and I’ll bring me pot of gold

and thank you too, will let you know :+1:

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