WTB 3x3 AOE Hammers!

If possible, please post picture of specs and name your price… if not, at least post where and how to get to your shop. Looking to buy today!! :grin:

I’ve been to the arise and shine shop a fair bit…they have a great range of forged tools. Can get to them via a portal off the bitula ps hub (top row I think…)

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@Aridhol has a nice marketplace in Anvil -> Seigenkai’s capital city that sells a bunch of AoE tools.

Pay it a visit it’s just infront of the Ultima seigenkai’s portal, also reachable via PS HUB under Anvil or Forgemasters

This is who I was going too but over the past two days his 3x3s went from 28,000 to 44,000 each.

Damn! that’s a bunch! :open_mouth:

What materials are these made from?

I’m not too sure for the forge effects, but the gem tools use most of the higher tier crafting stuffs.

No that’s fine info, it’s gems, so I expect the price to be high, that is really upper end though. I have some Iron forged tools and Fists cooking so I wanted to gauge price points for them.

If you were to forge an iron tool like a high end tool it would go for 4k minimum, upto 8k id say on the absolute high end. But it depends on the boons and who is selling it as someone could even charge more if they wanted but that would really just be a big ol price gouge

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Cool, I just put some up to test the waters.

This is disgusting… and i thought 3000 for a simple gem hammer was a lot back in pre-release…
One hammer now will keep me broke for months!

If you dont make your money back yourr really bad or spent 75k on your hammer

I dont use hammers to collect massive amounts of resources, i am a builder mainly and try to make them last as long as possible…
I prefer to make my tools and avoid all costs (especially coin ones…)
Also im more of a spelunker than a strip miner so i dont walk away with a lot of excess, just what i need.

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Well then you only need a titanium hammer tops and i sell those for 1750c. Which is nothing

I can’t stand the sound of titanium tools… lol
thanks for the offer though… if it wasn’t for the sound I would buy them.

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You can find some places selling plain gem hammers for about 10k :slight_smile:

I sell mostly Iron forged Tools. between 3,000c and 5,000c

Q-mart - Davanzatis portal off Gravidias HUB


As a mid tier new player who may be wanting to make that step to forged iron tools, it may seem counterintuitive to spend so much money on a forged iron tool, much less spend money on persisting food.

However persisting loaves going for 1800 will more or less extend the life cycle of a tool by 3-4x.

This should enable you to make your money back and have enough mats left over tonsale for some profit or to craft in to gear/tools to further enhance your profit.

If you’re one of those players who is stuck at the low-mid tier wall, I highly recommend investing in both persisting loaves and an iron forged tool

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I got persisting loafs for 1500. PM if anyone needs them

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Come check out Coiltech Biitula …