WTB 3x3 Forged Gem Hammer

Anyone have these up for sale? Been looking around without much luck.

there are some for sale at aqua hub phemorium.
Big yellow refined stone building has a few stands with them for sale.

I buy mine at castrum forge 2f of ultimate mall usually 4k durability t6 dam 3x3.

Black Sun off Portal Seekers Grovidus Te has one.

Ill make whatever you want

Come see me friend at CoilTech I have over 20 Hammers Forged will also do Customs.

I’ve gt many aoe emerald hammers for sale. Prices range from 8-15k. Drop by melon head in the aquatopian embassy on beckon :slight_smile:

I havent been able to locate your shop in aquatopian embassy (beckon).

Thanks all for the suggestions.

Black light has some too!