WTB 500 warm blue deco gravel

As the title says.

@ghandymarshall not sure if you are still doing this, give me a shout if so

If anyone else wants to pick this up, please let me know.


Fid, that the same colour as the other 20k?

If it is i think james chucked a few thousand in the storage mountain when he “kindly and fairly” relocated me…

Yeah, it is.

Redesigned my floor and just a bit short!

Will be on tonight and have a look through the wall of blocks for you

Brilliant, thanks! :+1:

Any joy? 10

Totally forgot to look tbh, was only on for 30mins. Back in work again today so will be later on again. Been a mad week

No worries, I was attempting to entertain my niece with crash team racing last night anyway.

Working today as well.

So no rush.

150 in your storage at cc. Couldnt find anymore and no stones left to make more atm im afraid

Cool, thanks.

You want anything for em?

Nah, its all good