[WTB] 7,200,000 of any Rock @ Rock Buyers

all full or empty again. somehow.

wow. words are hard. full of rock. or empty of coin. or both.

Il go empty them now. They still have quite a few million coin left across them all

i tjust said “buying 0 for .5c”.

I just finished emptying them then, it takes me a few mins

Just a reminder that i’m still buying rock, I have a few million coin left in my baskets.

Come sell me your rock!


There’s about 8 stands full at .5c each on arie in my shop if you need some more

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Where is it and how can I get there from a portal seekers network?

Go to RTG Main Hub on Arie from there ITS a few Meters to him

I have probably another 200k of rock that needs putting in then too. Wont be on until later tonight though as having a day out with the offspring

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Where is the RTG hub? How do I get there from a portal seekers network?

Cheers, sounds good!

RTG hub can be access through the TNT network. Just walk through the Arie planetary portal and you’ll be there

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I’m at home now,did you manage to find it?

I bought most of your rock on the stands. However without a direct link to PS its gonna be quite annoying to go and collect another 200k worth of rock, so I might just pass and wait for people to bring rock to me instead.

There is actually a route, I just didnf know it existed as I haven’t used PS in a long while as the arie network is long abandoned, but anyway I found this last night by accident.

Not entirely sure if it isn’t still too much hassle, but if you go to PS lamblis and take this hobats shop portal on the west side

Then theres this portal straight to river towns

Is 0.5c not enough? Im still looking to buy more rock!

@ghandymarshall sent a PM

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It’s so hard to move what I have tho lol

How much rock do you have and where is it located?

If you put it out on some shop stands il come collect it myself if your willing to sell it for 0.4c each (since il be taking the effort to collect it myself)

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Dunno how many I have left but you’re outta room. Sold you 316800+ rock

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Il go empty the baskets now. Cheers!
And empty and ready for more rock. Thanks again!