WTB a Day Night Totem CLOSED

Like it says want a Day /Night Totem if possible.


I’m not sure I’ve seen a day/night totem, what does it do?

I’ve seen the hammer and ax, I swore a Totem but I could be mistaken.

I will use so not putting points in light effect.


Oh, do you mean with the glow forge effect?

there are some quirks that do something ( increase DMG maybe ? ) depending on the time of day. is that what you mean?
there’s nothing to change the time, afaik other than the new player perma-day effect

Yup, so one set gets increased stats at night, decreased stats during day, and vice-versa

Yes, but I want it on a Totems!!! Is it possible???


It looks like that quirk is available on totems, yes. It’s an unusual request, so I don’t know if anyone will have them handy.

Are you looking to use the totem on a T7 or something? The day/night tools usually do that to help get to one-hitting on T7 without brews.

What are you looking to use it for? That might help people know what other stats you want on the totem.

I’ll buy a hammer, and figure it out.


For this, btw, you will probably want the glow effect. Usually you will see this on lootsticks(they also auto-loot monsters). EZPZ main shop usually has some good lootsitcks, including the black Wayfarer’s totems.

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