[WTB] Advanced Mixer Power Coils

Hi there, I am looking for Advanced Mixer Power Coils and if possible, please be cheap. If anyone interested to sell to me, please pm me for a discussion on the price and quantity.

Maybe @QuimbyBoundless can help

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Those are a difficult breed to track down from time to time. I know Lake usually carries those but I was there a couple days ago and that variety was sold out (they are 950c there I believe).

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I had check Lake, the mixer is out of stock.

We got the power in the gyosha mall has 65 at 1100c. It’s owned by Timkin. I do not know if they are on the forums tho. It’s store 14 on 3rd street.

Thanks to let me know the shop name and location. If no one going to pm me, then I will look into the shop, but I would prefer someone would pm me as I will order quite a number of other adv coils in future.

TNT has them if not pm me I could make u some and give for a fair price if hand traded

I’ll have a couple of hundred out at Lake tomorrow, at 950 each. Maybe others can price match that if you need em sooner


Sorry for the late reply, have not been online for the past 2 days, will check out the place asap.

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we sold out at TNT superstore of all coils apart from workbench, sorry buddy.

Its ok, just now did went to check by using the shop scanner.

Not sure did you re-stock it, went to Lake but there is none of adv mixer coils there.

Sorry we are totally out and we need some ourselves.
We have workbench and extractor if you need some

Can also craft up refinery and compactor if needed

No worries, I am not in hurry on using the adv coils. Just in process of preparing coils for my shop, which I need quite a lot of all types adv coils to fully complete the setup but it would be a time consuming project.

I’m pretty darn certain I did :stuck_out_tongue: if you look at when I posted it was a couple of days ago.

Still had all 275 left about 18 hours ago when I was last logged in but do have peeps who buy the whole lot in one go sometimes.

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Yup I noticed it is like 2 days ago, which I am not able to online. Looks like someone is “hungry” for adv mixer coil.