WTB Area Hammers


Need to buy some x6 hammers, can be the only stat (not sure how the centraforge works yet) Greater or equal than iron hammer
Looked in malls but theyre all 5k+ with a bunch of other stats. Thx. ign is Arken


I have some forged stuff on my base right now.

There are x2, x3, x5, x9, and random patterns for AoE. Due to the risk of forging you’re not going to find full AoE and no damage loss for much under 7500 - 8k unless it’s badly quirked. Normal price is close to 10k.

Forging AoE incurs some damage loss which I didn’t fully recover on these. Cross pattern is a 5 block hit per swing and with full hammer skills this is hitting for more than bare iron would.

Selling them for 899.


When you make a hammer hit 3x3 area the damage per block decreases by 40% (or is it 40% of base damage is left?), so you have to get a better hammer than iron, or forge damage on it too if you want to stay on the iron damage level.

I can sell you 3x3 diamond hammers for 2k coin each that do just a bit more damage than iron, but their energy usage and speed is lower. I could have them ready in about 10 hours if you take the offer.

There’s a website that calculates the tool performance beforehand and gives you a nice overview of the number of hits the tool will take on a planet tier basis.


Set the skills to match your character to get the numbers for that exact situation.

Check this to see the stat differences between iron and diamond


Nova Golda Market, Original Forgeries, you know the way :wink:

I sell titanium 3x3 tools for 2399c and gold and silver for 1999c!

I gave you some for free too, remember?


looks at my metal alloy shop stands “huh”…


Fair enough. Even been forging iron there but as you see the mind jumps right to gem prices :wink:

Aenea will sell you top tier forged titanium for about 2400c if she’s not sold out.


I put up 45 titanium 3x3 hammers with ADDED damage on my shop stands earlier this evening, should be a few left I suppose…