WTB Ashen Grey Gleam 200c for someone's birthday weekend

I’m buying ashen grey gleam. 200c each.
Request basket is in the party room, just east of the original Gyosha Mall hub.
It’s a birthday gift :balloon::confetti_ball::partying_face:

Thank you :blush:

Added request baskets to my shop on Houchus at BabyCookie’s market and
on Delta at Nomad’s Market


Or will trade for it, if I have what you’re looking for.

Is that somebody you?

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No. My bday is in July. It’s for Gray. She loves ashen grey stuff.


I have 12 that I can trade, willing to trade for shadow cerulean (perferably) or luminous turquoise. Other options are shadow blue, night blue, deep cerulean

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Her name kinda gives it away for her favorite color :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is a partial trade for 4 ok? I have 3 night blue and one deep cerulean.

I don’t have any Ashen yet, but looks like I have 9 Cool, 2 Oxide, and 6 Dark… happy to donate them (and any future Ashens I might get) as a gift if you want to set up a basket! :slight_smile:


Sure @majorvex . If you need all 12 I’d be willing to trade for other colors too. Just let me know.

I’d trade for cerulean, slate, vivid cherry vivid azure, vivid viridian, dark cobalt, shadow violet, strong azure, or cobalt. And any luminous or vivid past that

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I have 3 I think. I like warm blue if you have any or you can just have them :woman_shrugging:


It’s a deal :+1: Where can I meet you
I’m at the mall :blush:

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@majorvex I have 5 ashen grey from this event… was saving for my goo farm BUT since its for Grey then it’s yours free of charge :slight_smile:

Let me know when you are online


Sorry, just saw this : / Still around?

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Yes =) Lemme grab the blue gleam and I can meet you

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I have some blocks, they are yours

If I get any they are yours. So far my luck is poo though, I’m having mad lag when people harvest gleam meteors