WTB Black Lustrous Trunks

I need a lot of them, lemme know if you have any, how much and at what price.

If anyone knows of shops besides Exo Select (they are out) that would be rather helpful too!

Might have some. Will look when home neyney

Ok, cool! Getting a tad worried I can’t finish the thing I started, haha

I always have reserve stock too, dont be afraid to send me a message!
we can always work something out. (oh and that goes for almost all of my expired items)

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after collecting what i had laying around the house in different places
~im such a mess

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Nice! How much?

i sent you a pm, my friend.

May have some in storage ill check later.

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And did you check storage?

I’m kinda running low! And not quite sure if I have enough, sigh