Wtb Candycanes


Anyone selling candy canes pm your price and location if you are


We should have more soon at the emporium. Ravens out destroying meteors now. I think he’ll be around for an hour or so too @RavenTwospirit


“Destroying meteors” might be a bit of an over statement :slight_smile:

I did restock the Emporium with what I was able to get before having to log out. More will be coming later tonight!


Never told a price…


Mancos shoping hub en arie, mini shop


They were 249c. The emporium is at the dbx hub. And I believe he has some too. Not sure the price.

  • Ultima HQ - Ground/green floor, under krafters entrance (sign says hootville)
  • PS hub Bitula - first floor east side (DBX Superstore)
  • Legendville Hub Tana VII (DBX shop and hub)
  • Gyosha Mall Portal hub (DBX shop hub)


Have directions to your shop maybe?


Put 50k in the request basket


Hi Buddy, did you make it to the shop?


If I got any coin left from basket I’ll head over and see


Cool. Thanks!