The Nixian Emporium Now Open!

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Greeting Oortians!
We are proud to announce the opening of The Nixian Emporium.

Located in the DBX hub on Sorissi
Via PS Bitula one floor above planetary portal named DBX superstore
Via Ultima Finata player portals lowest floor under Krafters shop, portal named Hootville
Mom & Pops - Little Japan Hub - Korruption shop & hub - Raxxa’s Raft - Hueston - Quebec - Legendville
Gyosha Mall large portal and also secondary portal via DBX superstore number 27.
Plus many more and still growing.

The Emporium is spilt into sections, Baskets - Oortmas - Food - Brews
Oortmas section will soon be replaced with Forged goods.

Sorissi is a T1 planet so its great for hunting snowy meteors, grab some snowballs, brews, and food and go hunting!

A selection of foods with and without buffs

A selection of brews to up your game

Request basket currently coined for Saltpetre buying @ 64c and Road Runner Feather Trophies buying @ 5000c

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wtb Candycanes

Great looking shop… with great food and brews… that make you great…er


Now restocked with more Shielding Broths!


Looks Great

Good Luck 2 U!


Looks great guys


Oortmas has passed…the snow still falls…
The Nixian Emporium has new stalls!
To buff or not to buff?, you might ask yourself
The answer my friend is on the shelf!
For a short time only we offering yams and soup for free!
So visit quickly if you are in need!

Forgot to update the shop stand prices!
Now definitely free


Greeting Oortians!

The Oortmas section has now been replaced, we are selling compact coals!
Also free basic beacon fuel is now available, along with lots a food and brews!
Request baskets for saltpetre and RR feathers coined.

Cooked Earthyams are still FREE!!!

Warning our great prices may have adverse effects!

Located at the DBX Hub

  • PS hub bitula - first floor east side.
  • Ultima hub, green/bottom floor directly under krafters shop entrance (sign currently says hootville).
  • Legendville Tana VII
  • Outlet and portals in Gyosha Mall
  • and heaps of other portals in all the coolest US East server settlements


:rofl::rofl::rofl: honestly made me lol
… but seriously, i love dbx hub, its my go to shortcut to Gyosha mall. Ill stop by that store later


Lol… possibly the best creative advertising ever!