WTB Cherry Red Foliage

Hey everyone! I’m looking for a Cherry toned foliage, it doesnt matter what type or tone, just needs to be a cherry. Strong cherry is preferable but any bold red will do. I’m looking for a couple hundred, I need 18 and a friend needs the rest.

There might be some at “Fronds” foliage shop at Dk’s legendville mall. Stall C55 - near legatus corp. The downstairs has exo foliage, small stack of cherry or red from Alpha Cruckest.

I can try to post a screenshot when i get home from work.

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I have lush hot cherry

I have 430 Lush Strong Cherry Foliage at DK Legendary Mall C55. They’re listed at 60c each, but I am open to negotiation. Can do a hand trade if you like.

You can access it by going to Fireborn central hub > DKs Mall Legendville

Turn left to yellow tree and find portal to Legatus Corp C45

Exit shop and turn right > Look for FRONDS sign

Go downstairs.

How much do you have? And what price are you looking for?

I bought your whole stock!

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Thank you so much! Definitely appreciate the patronage.

Let me know if there’s ever a specific color you need. If I don’t have it in stock at Fronds i’ll Be happy to help you find it. :smile:

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