WTB Creature drops for forging mats and sweet beans & adrenal glands!

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Sweet beans 35c
Feathers 4745c
Hopper cores 624c
Wildstock horns 52c
Floating sacs 12x
Milk glands 5c
Adrenal glands 256c
Spark sacs 13c
Thermal sacs 25c
Hopper eyes 95c
Roadrunner eyes 20c
Wildstock eyes 9c
Spitter eyes 23c

I added several million coin combined to the baskets!

I hope you have more luck than I do with sweet beans ! No matter how high I buy them, I never get more that a few dozens per day.


Yeah we need to be able to grow our own beans I think!

Ah well, maybe next year…

Oh! And another way to get adrenal glands! Perhaps some plant we can grow that we combine with them so we need less per mass craft , like the kranuts already do for other things!


There’s an extreme sweet bean and adrenal glands shortage, I am buying sweet beans now for 42c!

Also now buying adrenal glands for 256c

There’s 900k in the sweet beans basket and 1.1 million combined in the TWO adrenal gland baskets…

Probably cause everyone sells them to me. Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Need more beans and glands everyone! Come sell them to me!

Beans give people gas.

Someone must have some… Everytime I go to farm some the place is picked clean. On multiple spots…

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Would just be great to be able to grow them!

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I’m saving my sweet bean SS’s for a sweet price. LOL - Yes, I was thinking it takes a lot of sweat…

Yeah takes a lot of sweat to gather those!

But what would a sweet price be for them?

second on the planting our own beans, its gets harder gathering them.

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