[WTB] Dark Glass {COMPLETE}

What is the going price for dark glass nowadays?

Are there any good farming spots setup?

I’m looking to buy 2 smart stacks if anyone is willing to make a bid.

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Iconic resource hub has a portal the PS Dark Glass farm on Galan. Price should not be much check Enjoy Divinity or Alutech at the Hive. They should have it for sale.

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They’re typically 4-5C a piece, iirc. I’ve got about two SS of it, but I need it for building, if the offer won’t ‘overrule’ that. :joy:

When I get home I’ll see what I have I can just give you

PS galan dark glass farm is great, it’s indoors so no risk from mobs. Take some regen bombs. I got about 10 full stacks in 20 mins.

I selling some stacks of dark glass, i think at 5C at the moment! Over by legendville main hub, think the sign is called Hyrule Imports at the moment! Im selling refined gems, because the remind me of rupees!

5c each at Skelestore, should have a few stacks there.

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Thank you everyone for the replies, PM’s, and suggestions.

I have setup a request basket near the PS Hub on Tana VII (head EAST from hub) if you would like to sell me your dark glass.

I am buying for 5c each and I have put 72,000c in the request basket!

Request basket has been filled.

Thank you!