WTB diamond or emerald hammer 3x3

Hi all, are there any sellers reading or does anyone know where I can get 1 or possibly 2 of those 3x3 1 shot tier 5 or 6 hammers from (prefer durability over speed). Ive found a shop that has some at 44-45k but am hoping to get cheaper so I can buy 2. Will trade by hand or whatever, Ive tried a LOT of shops but cant find a lot. Also tried forging my own but not goin too well there lol…

There are plenty of shops selling 3x3, +dmg, +dura, for around 10k-19k. If you would like me to look for one I can… but i assure you they are there

really,all i can find are about 40to45k, if you can point me in the right direction to one i’ll get 4 for that price lol

Well, I decided to try and look, and all of the <20k hammers are sold out

There are plenty of 40k hammers available at many shops… which is weird… cause gems went down… I wouldn’t buy @ 40k… personally i think those selling at that price are taking advantage of a mining boom. but they do not take 30k to make.

I don’t know your timeline, but If there is a gap in the market, I’ll try to make some and get back to ya

thanks for looking, and youre help would be greatly appreciated. Ive tried using merlins method but just always seem to get magnet which is annoying, and for some reason boon removal is putting boons back on… I dont know Im new to all the forging stuff but it just seems the rng rolls are against me

actually im over forging, i have just had magnet 9x in a row, no aoe to be seen

Try Skylight Forge…he’s got a direct portal in PS Biitula. He can also be found by going to PS Biitula>Hueston portal (down behind Gyosha portal). He’s got a big shop there with emerald hammers and a portal in his store to even more of his hammers. Some are perfect 3x3 AOEs. He just made a huge new batch today. I think he does hand trades for a slight discount…not certain though.

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Ya, Skylight was one of the 40k shops… its like everyone got together and set the price for a +dmg+dura, 3x3 hammer at 40k overnight…

They must be using the feather compounds… which artificially increases the price

yep ive been there, i like his hammers but 40k+, im not rolling in coin. So tell mem this feather method??


I sell him every feather I get, but it’s so stinking hard to get one these days. I can get hopper cores and all the other trophies all day long…but those dang feathers…big fat nope. The algorithm must have the feathers set at 0.001% drop chance lol

hopper cores all day long,whats ur method lol

I go to Alcyon with a forged gold fist and pop all the hoppers. One-two hits. I also have maxed luck which prob helps. I also get some when I go on group hunts.

yeah i have max luck, but last time on alcyon didnt go so well, may need to dip the feet again…

At the Alcyon gate (via Ultima/Finata), there’s a portal called Alcyon One. It leads to a little base I put there, on flat land called Ruby Canyon. You can stand on the upper decks and shoot down at the wildstock and hoppers…while staying fairly safe. Watch out for the cuttletrunks though. I’ve seen some hunting groups use the base.

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thankyou very much ill keep that inmind

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actually can someone tell me what damage i need to do to 1 shot tier 5 stone, and tier 6 stone, thanks

Guys I don’t understand why people are complaining about 40k. Not once have I ever forged or crafted a hammer. I’ve bartered my way in to aoe hammers or bought 35-50k hammers. With persist pies and brews you make anywhere between 500k to over a million depending on what blocks you want to keep or sale. I always sold everything: coal, rocks, ores, gems, tech, etc. not once did I make less than 500k.

Getting your first 35-40k together might be the only thing that should ever impede you.


Using the boon changer is the easy way to forge. but it is not the cheapest way. If they wanted to, they don’t have to spend 10k on feathers…

I’m not saying it isn’t worth it. you get around 500k worth of stuff per hammer on a bad day. I’m just saying, that the prices are inflated… and that there are people out there that will still sell at 20k, and you don’t NEED to buy at 40k… 20k still nets the seller a good profit.

I dunno about that…on a perfect AOE 3x3…he pays 4-5k+ per feather. And all the other supplies, fuel, boons, etc. And it takes 10-30 gems per hammer right? I don’t forge so I’m not sure, but it seems like it takes a lot of $$$ supplies and stuff to make them.