WTB Exo and gleambow Gleam

I am looking to buy Exo and Gleambow gleam! I only want about 12-15 pieces each color but can take smaller amounts until I reach the desired amount. just let me know how much per piece and what color(s) you have

Take a look at DK’s Utima tree then Ultima Exchange you have a Exo and Gleambow section. Go to baskets request than you have Goo Farm take a look also :wink:

Shop isn’t really open yet, but we do have a variety of rare exo gleams posted up already if you are interested. I do have a bunch of gleambow stuff as well but as it was generally in such low quantity I haven’t bothered to post them up in the shop. Though I would be more than happy to trade any gleambow colors I have for black gleam if you are interested.