WTB GB Rose and Fushy foliage and gleam

I’m looking for all the Fushy foliage and rose foliage and both gleams

I’ve got a handful of these I can spare. Would you like them now or would you like to wait until the event is over and see how many I have then?

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I’ll wait how much you want for them

Honestly i’m not sure, what are they worth to you? lol

Do you have any other gleambow colours for trade?

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I can trade colors

I’m looking for rose mainly and fushy as 2nd Fav for me lol

Ok cool sounds good. I’m mostly interested in gleam for my goo farm. In particular colours like shadow violet, shadow blue, strong blue, strong cobalt.

I’m happy just to give for free as I recall you offered me free foliage colours for my doll collection. But if you have any of those colours to spare I’ll happily take them in exchange :smiley:

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Shadow blue I just used on a build lol 3 strong blue 1 strong cobalt 1 Shadow blue

Cool. I think I had maybe 12 Rose, 2 Fuchsia gleam and maybe 7 rose foliage… something like that anyway. I’m sure I’ll much more by the end of the event.

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Ok I’ll put these colors to side and put name so I can remember to put to side

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Awesome, thankyou

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