WTB Gleam, Fresh Vital Essence and Comp. Hard Coal



B&T Gleam Farm has a new shop.

We buy,
Gleam for 1 coin
Fresh Vital Essence 3 coins
Compact Hard Coal 90 coins

You can find us on Serpensarindi (853N -1860O H113)

Riwer Towns Portal Hub >> Besevrona >> Serpensarindi >> B&T Gleam Farm



Pictures will follow for the Location and how to get there.

The baskets are filled with 216.000 coins .

If the baskets are empty we will restock coins , feel free to Tell US If that Happens so we can react .


What quantity fresh vital you want?


There are two baskets for 32 stacks filled with coins.


If you still Need the FVE then i queu some up for you if you come to my base and pick it up.


Thx can you tell us your location, i will take a look.


0/0 Besevrona
Turrican should have the coords locked.
You got an estimated number how many of the essences you want?


If the price is 3 coins we can actual take 51 stacks.


As Long as you pick em up sure. 3 works for me.
I only have 3 ss or so done, so if you Need some Right now come else wait a couple …days^^


i can buy them to you, or if you come to ur base you can save tax.