WTB gleam to complete collection (Complete)

Okay so I finally got round to sorting my gleam collection and I’m missing 7 colours:

  1. Dark fuchsia
  2. Deep red
  3. Light tan
  4. Light yellow
  5. Warm blue
  6. Bright yellow
  7. Vivid moss

If any of you lovely people have a single block of any of these colours that you could kindly donate (I know how you all love being kind :wink: ) I have a request basket up as soon as you go through my TNT portal :angel:
(Portal says Trickyy on the top row)

If this doesn’t work I’m happy to pay haha, I just couldn’t figure how to request specific gleam colours that I don’t have!


Warm blue is on the last exo

I probably have enough of the other to share, I’ll check in a while

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Ahh thanks, hadn’t even noticed!

If you do I’m happy to pay! :slight_smile:


Okay so @boundmore has swooped in and completed my collection :partying_face:

Thanks though Cuetz, I appreciate it :blush:


Hello, I think I have the missing colors, I will happily give them to you in exchange for a portal to your place, I think it is a good change, right?

Sorry for my bad translation, I wanted to say that I think that all or almost all that you need

Ahh thanks @karakavra :slight_smile: but I have all the gleam colours sorted now

I don’t really hunt enough to keep another portal open either, I only have my TNT portal and Rivertowns portals open at the moment! Once my oort shortage is sorted I’ll reopen my portal at DKs tree too

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I have been behind a portal to your settlement for so long, that if I do not already have it, it is that I will not have it, I wanted to put it in the new caprica viewpoint, I was sure you would like it, but at least, visit new caprica and stop by through our viewpoint, from the sky you can see everything

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