WTB Gleambow Remnants

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Looking for SAND, ROCK, LEAVES, & TRUNKS. Willing to grab exo as well as just gleambow. Willing to negotiate price, but really trying to keep cost down so exo at exo prices (6-10c for rock and trunks, 3-8c sand and leaves) and gleambow a little higher (I’ve seen most people selling gleambow trunks and rock for 50c it seems? leaves for 50-300c based off rarity. sand… I haven’t seen a lot of the sand anywhere so something similar, but again - willing to negotiate).

Colors I am most interested in:

Shadow Turquoise
Strong Turquoise
Deep Turquoise
Luminous Moss
Deep Slate
Strong Slate
Rust Fuschia
Ashen Red
Strong Red
Bright Mustard
Shadow Violet
Night Blue
Shadow Cerulean
Strong Azure
Black (leaves only)

I do NOT need gleam. I may be willing to trade some of my gleam for bundles of your trunks/sand/etc. Like I said, price is negotiable within reason.

I just want to round out my collection and grab more of some colors for my town build :slight_smile:

Have a look at my temporary popup gleambow block shop at Nova Golda Market. Plot D3 I believe it is iirc…

On Trung, TNT Trung portal, PS Lamblis, Ultima Eresho 2x2 shopping portals, River Towns, Guardian, ShowRoom, and more

If you find anything you want we can talk about pricing.

I think I found that one already and dropped a cool 100k XD I’ll have to go back and check it’s the one I think it was!

I have more in storage, I will add those later this evening!

I added a bunch more about an hour ago!

I got some stuff for you

@AeneaGames thanks! I’ll head over and see the new stuff.

@PrincessMaude I’ll message you in-game :slight_smile:

You can spray paint rock and trunk btw
Donno if that helps

I’m just not sure if that would be cheaper or not considering how much I’ve seen some spray go for and I currently am not set up to make my own spray. So I figured for now I’d just collect the naturally colored blocks.

It all depends on what quantities you’re after :slight_smile: if you’re only looking for a couppe dozen, or maybe 100-200, you’re most likely cheaper off buying them from gleambow :slight_smile: if you’re after anything more, i would be extremely surprised if you can find any significant quantities without paints.

This is mostly due to gleambowers chucking away the paintable blocks, or not even bothering to break a meteor made of paintable blocks.

Good luck though, i hope you find the quantities you need! :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. I’m not after huge amounts on most of them, it’s mainly to fill in holes. My most interested colors I am mainly after sand and leaves in, but will grab the other blocks where I can if the price is reasonable and will look into spray for the rocks and trunks if I get far enough on my town build to warrant mass amounts. I’ve been struggling to build lately so sometimes it seems so far away… lol

Hmm i would say check ma place out but me forgot ma prices Pfft Pfft Pfft and it long walk Pfft Pfft pfft