WTB Goo Kernels from T7 Exo

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Hey everyone,

I’m looking to buy goo kernels from the new T7 exo planet.

Colours I’m looking for:

Warm Orange (1,000,000) 115c each
Dark Rose (1,000,000) 115c each
Dark Orange (1,750,000) 115c each

There is a total of 3,750,000 coin in the request baskets.

The Mad Hatter’s Shop is located on Arie not far from the Rivertown Hub.

There is a portal straight to the shop at Rivertown Hub as shown in the picture below:

Rivertown is accessible from many locations:
GTG, Ultima Network, TNT Mega Hub(T1 Arie Portal), Fantasy Tree, Pharaos Kingdom, Planet Quinzel, Zockertbraut, DK Mall.

Any help is appreciated :pray: :heart:


Updated colours from new Exo.

For anyone wondering why, I’m using it to mutate into deep red for my build (with the help of a couple of awesome people). It’s the only way I can get the colour I need.

Hot Cherry is what I am ideally after but will happily take Dark Red too.

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From memory, dark red pigment mixed with pure red pigment makes deep red paint, so that dark red goo should be ideal if you have some pure red to go with it :slight_smile:

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Yeah it takes 2 or 3 mutations from Dark Red to Deep Red. Hot Cherry is just 1.
I did have a wander over to the Exo Planet this morning managed to get a little bit. I must have been extremely unlucky because the decent areas for Goo I found were for Night Orange :rofl:
Will head back again still got areas to explore but not holding up much hope.

Someone has dropped some off at my request basket and I’m ever so grateful :pray:

Oh ignore me i get what you’re saying. Mix the pigments didn’t realise you could do that I’ll have to look into it more.

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Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by. It massively helped. Was hoping for more Hot Cherry but it wasn’t the best planet for it. It wasn’t easy to find but I’m happy with what I got and what people provided. Thank you.

Will keep the request baskets up for a little while incase anyone wants to drop any off. If a new red planet comes in I’ll definitely update this post or if it’s closed I’ll make a new one.

It’s a big project I have on the go so there is always more goo needed.

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New Umbris Exo is out so that means more coin up for grabs.

I’m mainly after Dark Orange as it’s fewer mutations to deep red. I’m happily buying all 3 colours.

Any help is appreciated it’ll go a long way to help with my build and you get to make a bit of coin too :blush: