WTB Kol Huroo all rocks


The numbers I posted earlier are all refined. I haven’t visited NerArth’s build for a few days though so …

I need a mule.

EDIT: I brought nightstar to pickup. Lots of sedimentary here.


Soo much sedimentary here lol. I went to tech altitudes and cut a mountain in half for some igni. Ran out of slots so fast I better send the loot home too.

This stark orange igneous is a beautiful stone.


It most certainly is. :slight_smile:

Well I’ve always had rock as the main materials in my builds, I don’t know why exactly, just the material that usually appeals the most to me. Your builds are very interesting too though, and I would say they also require a different level of patience from mine. :wink:

@FayaAOP, what do you want to do about @Nightstar’s refined rock? I mostly only want the igneous as you already know. :slight_smile:


I will have to wait for tomorrows finished crafting to check what i still Need. But as you know and as i said to you, you have first pick.


**** spawn campers


Thx for the Reply.
Nerath shall have first pick as he Needs the stone more then me. I have to evaluate the needed numbers again after the 7k Stone from Lennexfox. and the 27k from Nerath :slight_smile:
If that is ok with you?

And as i told Lennexfox, paying for extra for me excavated Stone is not worth the hassle nor the mats used.
I rather pay for rock that is a by product, because paying 1c/3 rock wont pay for a aoe hammer, not even with 30k rock.


1c/3 rock is 10k for 30k rock. I’m wearing out a hammer that cost 8k (plus some buffs though) so that would be no problem, if filling the full order.

I mined out all my favorite spots on my favorite planet this week making roughly 80k brew containers. So I needed an excuse to mine somewhere else, and Kol Huroo is a close relative to alcyon. Stark orange igni is one of my favorite stones, and also that luminous red makes very nice looking storage and stone decorations.

Anyways i’m ok this hasn’t been bad mining today. Take care of these guys that have been working your order and drop me a line. Your offering price is fine I can fill the remaining order quantity with non-refined if you prefer.


I type to you tomorrow when my Stone is refined and i get clear numbers. /sleepnow


My hammer died. I wasn’t being particularly thorough so if anyone would like some easy pickin’s I turned this mountain into a honeycomb from 100m to 160m:

I don’t even know why there’s so much hard coal up at 100m+ but there’s tons of tech and fossils and a good amount of iron up here too.


There’s a few places on Kol Huroo and, I think, Galan which are like that. It’s a pleasant surprise… :stuck_out_tongue: