WTB lots of mats, gems, ores, beans, creature drops, soils, etc.! At Coin Converters #1 at Nova Golda Market!

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Best prices in the Oortian Universe!

But! Don’t just sell to spot #1, there are 17 more players who are buying all kinds of items!

When my ore basket is full for example, hehe, continue on since there are plenty others like RedY3’s and DK’s baskets who buy for the same prices!!

Sell your stuff at Coin Converters!


Why 4652 for rr feathers? That’s quite specific haha

This helps reach a clean price after tax. Also, @AeneaGames please tell people about my request baskets so i dont shamelessly plug them :joy::joy::joy:


If you run past @RedY3’s huge coin converters stall, you can find my coin converter shop (#17 I think?) which only buys iron ore and copper ore for the same price


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That was a dangerous plot twist there, kind sir. Hahaha :joy:

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That’s a nice round 5k with tax :slight_smile:

Hopper core price used to be a weird looking number as well which came to 400c exactly with tax, but I was lower than others so had to up it (and 410 is a nice 420 anyway, hehe!)

I am meaning to change up Coin Converters in the near future, not yet sure how exactly but I might need to ask everyone to re-do their plots due to a new layout.

Will not be so footfall coop-y then anymore but easier to reach the higher numbered plots…

I just did in the top post! :smiley:

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Yeah reflowing an existing area is TOUGH. I don’t know that anyone really cares about the footfall aspect at CC, though the design is quite clever :slight_smile:
If you want ff come build a nice concrete tree out of some of that lovely concrete :slight_smile:

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Thanks, am not really sure if they care about it or not. I did it this way to prevent people wanting a market stall just for footfall since this would work much better…

Just wanted to chime in. I’m a miner, returning to the game after a break. I seen this post and took my stuff over to you last night.
I was contemplating opening my own shop just to get fair market value for my ore’s/gems/fossils, but with your buy prices, 200k later. I’m a happy guy. I’ve now decided against opening a shop. I’ll definitely be using you more. Granted I’m a casual player and only play a few times a week. So it will be infrequent, just thought I’d let you know.

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That’s okay! Am happy with anything that is sold to me! Saves me time!!