Wtb mud/ash

Anyone selling mud or ash in their shops?

Wow, I just visited 34 planets and not a single shop is selling ash or mud. If any low levels on here reading this, you could probably make a killing selling mud and ash. Seems to be an opportunity.


Shop scanner doesn’t list natural.blocks currently. So mud and ash will not show up.


I didnt know that about the scanner. Good to know.

@molav how much mud and ash were ya looking for?

Thanks for clarifying that, didn’t know

Thousands, saving up for a giant build.

But there was a bunch of support topics about the natural blocks not showing up when the scanner released.

I definitely don’t read ALL of the support topics :sweat_smile:
@molav I’ll farm ya up a couple stacks on Beckon. Perrin’s Discount accessible through PS hub Biitula westside second level

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Oooooorrrr you could visit one of these guys shops…

Thanks, I’ll come by.

Okay I’ll try to find those too

Sorry, I dont retain or see everything :confused: either I forgot it or didn’t see it.

What planet are those screen shots from?

They’re on Beckon. I know @OmniUno was in Aquatopia.

I just put roughly 4k ash and mud in some stans for ya .05c @molav

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Thanks coming by tonight

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How much you wanting? I can farm you either really fast. I have a farm for both. Or I can give you a token to port there if you want one.

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I could buy 5k of each tomorrow from you

ok, I already have it lol. I have about 100k of each roughly and can get more if ever needed.

Okay awesome! Where do I find your shop?

If u want I can get super quickly
Oops too late lol

That’s cheating! You’re superman, of course YOU can do that quickly!


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